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You can change your products in 14 days as of your receipt by following the below steps;

Please note that we do not take any responsibly or we can not change the product unless the below steps are followed or return steps are not accomplished from our web site.

We can not accept your returns if the product and the package shall be harmed such as; (scratches, dirt, any mark evidencing that the product is weared, parfume, lotion, any stains, heavy smell, cosmetic product stains or modifications), or the product be returned by different conditions than its delivered.

You can open its package for checking the product(s). However, the original package, all accessories and parts are required for returns.

Any promotion product or free products along with the purchased product should be returned.
We can not accept your returns in the absence of invoice and its annexes and all the copies of invoice.

You can return all your products in 14 days without giving any reason unless the personalized products.

If the purchased product has a defect then you can return the product in 14 days with drafting a petition with drafting a record in the presence of cargo officer.

Return Address


İstanbul Beyoğlu Kuloğlu Mah. Turnacıbaşı Sokak Neşe Apt. N. 9/2, Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Return and Changing Options

You can make your claims for changing or return by choosing one of the options below;
We would like to remind you that the money returns can only be done if there is no same or equivalent product.

Money Returns: Total amount of your payment shall be returned to your account after deducting the gift packaging and other expenses. If there is/are gifts earned from your purchasing they should also be returned.

Product Changing: You can change your purchased products with any other product.

Damaged or Defected Products:
Please check your purchased product near by the cargo officer. Please draft a record near by the cargo officer if your product is damaged or harmed. Please note that The return should be made in 14 days as of the receipt.

The package should be checked by you on the delivery and if the package is opened please draft a record and sign with the cargo officer.

In such case you can return all the ordered products without paying additional cargo fee. You can return your product with giving your record to the cargo officer. In such case you can choose one of the below options;

  • You can return the product to our above mentioned address. If the same product is not available then we will return your payment (on the purchased date) to your credit card or if you purchased in cash we can return your payment to you upon your requested payment method. 
  • You can choose an equivalent product.

Return or Changing Process:

We can not guarantee your return or changing request which made without our confirmation.

First you should choose the product to be changed or returned.

  • Please also notify our customer service authorities for your change or return reason. 
  • Our customer relations will get in touch with you as soon as possible as of the receipt of your request. 
  • The products requested to be changed shall be reserved under your name for 2 days. We can not guarantee the changing if you do not give the products to courier in such period. 
  • We will pay the cargo fees for your changing and return request if you send the product via Yurtiçi Kargo in domestic and DHL in abroad. The deliveries other than such companies shall not be paid by us. 
  • The cargo fee shall be paid by you if you make more than one changing request in same order.